Project Name:

EUD’s LeadLab Programme Evaluation

June 15th to August 30th, 2022

Friedensau Adventist University
Service Category:
Programme Evaluation
Technical area:
The Challenge

This evaluation of the LeadLab Programme’s first cohort commissioned by EUD (Inter-European Division) aimed to measure the impact of the online LeadLab pilot programme that focuses on the development of key leadership competencies for training future generations of leaders and provides some recommendations for the improvement of further activities of the programme.

FIFE’s contribution
  • Co-design approach: getting in touch with the stakeholders (pastors and administrators) and evaluating the effectiveness of the programme
  • Outcome-based approach: a retrospective survey identifying the results and relevant changes that occurred after the various contributions of the programme’s participants
  • Impact approach: highlighting the impact of the programme within the targeted community and the covered country
  • OECED-DAC (Impact, Relevance, Effectiveness, and Sustainability) criteria: answering the evaluation questions
  • Data collection: using both qualitative and quantitative research methods