Our Service Overview

Over the years, FIFE  has built the expertise to evaluate projects, programmes, strategies and organisational performance to deliver insights into lessons learned and make actionable recommendations.

We design and implement evaluations based on the most suitable methodology to meet our client’s needs.

At FIFE, evaluation is not about policing or judging; it is about improving interventions through documentation and learning! We refuse to compromise on comprehensiveness, quality, and actionable recommendations. So, let’s work together to learn from the effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of your interventions.

  • Formative Evaluations
  • Summative Evaluations
  • Process Evaluation or Implementation Evaluations
  • Outcome Evaluation or Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Theory-based evaluations
  • Impact evaluations
  • Counterfactual-based evaluations
  • Strategic plan evaluations
  • Meta-evaluations

How we evaluate programmes and Project

  • Thorough assessment and analysis of programs, projects, initiatives, and interventions.
  • Utilization of rigorous scientific methodologies to measure effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance, sustainability and impact.
  • Data collection, analysis, and interpretation to generate actionable recommendations

Your Benefits

  • Increased impact of your interventions with scientific studies and professional support to enhance organisational learning
  • Strong scientific-based evidence you need to drive the future of your project, programme and organisation

Our Capbilities

  • Over 20 years experience in providing quality evaluation studies
  • A worldwide team of researchers and consultants
  • National plus international consultants for each evaluation
  • Interdesciplinary perspective towards each project or programme

“FIFE has consistently delivered exceptional services to the EVA Family. Their commitment to Quality, transparency, and responsiveness is truly commendable. We are grateful for their support and professionalism, which have made a significant difference in our operations. FIFE is a valued partner, and we look forward to continuing this productive collaboration if everything goes well in the future”

“Our Project Team and Administration were highly satisfied by the high professional impact evaluation and also on the recommendations given by the evaluation team”

“We as a funding office and also our projec tpartners are very happy with the degree of understanding FIFE has for our programm”

“The director was prompt in answering the request and delivering services”

“FIFE is very engaging with excellent attention to detail, making it easier to understand the assignment and ultimately deliver a high quality product. Your research and evaluation skills are exceptional, including your ability to communicate progress made on the assignment, and your articulation of evaluation findings during your presentation of the final report to our stakeholders in Zambia and Malawi was fantastic”

“The work of FIFE helped us to find our passion and utmost vision that gave us strength to face difficulties and several challenges along the way. We learned that to fulfill each task mentioned in the Strategic Plan is not what counts in the end. What counts is to guide and initiate process towards a direction. We really made some steps since the evaluation and Strategic Planning. Thank you so much!”

“FIFE representative who worked with us keeps communication open and was able to adapt with our difficult operations situation. He valued our feedback and well adressed our needs”

Featured Projects

Assessing the impact of Aquaculture Technical, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Training for Improved Private Sector and Smallholder Skills

The AQ TEVET project, implemented by WorldFish Zambia, aims to increase the number of human resources working for the private sector, and the number of smallholder commercial fish farmers with enhanced aquaculture knowledge and up-to-date practical skills to help sustainably grow the sector and make it more inclusive.