Project Planning, Development and implementations

Successful projects begin with investing time and effort in the front end of the project. Our approach to project planning is scientific and research-based while considering the localisation context, building on our team’s regional and technical expertise.

Whether using logical framework analysis or results-based programme planning, FIFE helps clients develop realistic goals, objectives, and indicators. We support our clients in detailing what must be done to achieve project goals.

What we do
  • Analysing projects’ problem  and solution tree
  • Reviewing literature and data for supporting project designs
  • Developing comprehensive logical frameworks with MEAL components 
  • Supporting the writing of project and programme proposals
  • Advising on project implementation activities
Strategic Planning Support

If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

To improve, performance, and impactful outputs, organisational decision making should adopt data- and evidence-based approach to planning and management.

FIFE  support organisations and their strategic plans with a systematic approach which alligns organisationals goals with the best fit organisational values and activities.

What we do
  • Conducting stragic planning seminars
  • Evaluating past organisational strategic plan
  • Offering tested and actionable recommendations for furtuer plans
  • Conducting an organisational SWOT analysis/reviews

Featured Projects


“We as a funding office and also our projec tpartners are very happy with the degree of understanding FIFE has for our programm”
“The director was prompt in answering the request and delivering services”
“The work of FIFE helped us to find our passion and utmost vision that gave us strength to face difficulties and several challenges along the way. We learned that to fulfill each task mentioned in the Strategic Plan is not what counts in the end. What counts is to guide and initiate process towards a direction. We really made some steps since the evaluation and Strategic Planning. Thank you so much!”