The Friedensau Institute for Evaluation (FIFE) is a self-governing consulting, research and educational institution of Friedensau Adventist University, Germany.

Our work results are based on pure scientific research. We also utilise these results for academic and professional interactions through public seminars, technical reports and special publications. We contribute conceptually and methodologically to the development of evaluation research. Our focus on international partnerships and country specific contexts are part of our numerous strengths.


HUMA and FIFE launch cooperation initiative on Ethical Humanitarianisms

The Friedensau Institute for Evaluation (FIFE), at the Friedensau Adventist University in Germany, and the Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa are pleased to announce the launch of a new project on Ethical Humanitarianisms starting from March 2021. The project is focused on addressing the ethical quandaries that underpin humanitarian work in Africa, asking how to build more ethical humanitarian interventions in a world of conflicting ethics. The collaborative project is launched within the framework of expanding cooperation between the two Institutes.

The project is led by Kwaku Arhin-Sam (FIFE) and Divine Fuh (HUMA). It starts with a monthly roundtable discussion and workshop series, accompanied by podcasts, video clips/videocast series, policy commentaries, public engagement, and academic publications. The research programme to be launched within this framework will involve scholars, policymakers, and various actors and stakeholders in the humanitarian sector.

M.A. degree in Development Studies with specialisation in Evaluation!

  • Do you work in the development cooperation and humanitarian aid sector?
  • Do you want to get a Master’s degree in Development Studies with a concentration in evaluation?

Friedensau Adventist University offers the Master of Arts in Development Studies as an online part-time study program. The program is for professionals in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. It aims at professionalizing people for whom e-learning seems fitting. We offer courses such as project planning, monitoring and evaluation, and a possibility to specialize in an area of concentration such as gender, sustainability,  migration, or evaluation.

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what we do

Our unique approaches

Sustainability: We place a strong emphasis on sustainability in all our evaluation and research and technical supports.

Climate: we are conscious about the environment and climate change. Our evaluations and technical supports include extensive climate impacts of projects.

Innovation: we are committed to innovative, flexible and timely research and evaluation solutions for organizational learning and growth.

Research and practice: we bring together academic research and professional practice in the field of development and humanitarian aid.


how we work

Our technical expertise include Education, Health and Nutrition, Sustainable Livelihoods, WASH, Mobility and Migration, Climate Change, Emergency Management and Protection. Our evaluations are guided by the OECD-DAC criteria of relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability in addition to FIFE evaluation standards.

Our worldwide network team of experts place us in a unique position at meeting the needs of our clients.


„ADRA Switzerland supports projects in disaster response and development aid. The goal is not only to give short-term support but to achieve a long-term impact. To have an objective view of reaching this goal, selected projects are evaluated externally. Since a couple of years ADRA Switzerland has been using the services of the Friedensau Institute for Evaluation in evaluating projects. The services have been of great value to ADRA Switzerland in demonstrating a realistic outcome of projects.”

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