Our Service Overview

As a research institute,  FIFE conducts scientific and interdisciplinary research on different topics and themes relating to education, health, development, sustainable livelihoods, food security, gender, climate change, migration, and human rights.

We invest our research expertise to support our clients in conducting specific assessments that complement project planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluations.

By focusing on the contextual, theoretical, methodological, thematical and practicality of our assessments, we support our clients in finding answers to real-life questions.

What we do

Our applied research services include the following

Feasibility Studies
Baseline/Endline Studies
Needs Assessment
Academic Research
Gender Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Data Analysis (Quantitative & Qualitative)
Stakeholder Analysis

Featured Projects


“Our Project Team and Administration were highly satisfied by the high professional impact evaluation and also on the recommendations given by the evaluation team”
“FIFE representative who worked with us keeps communication open and was able to adapt with our difficult operations situation. He valued our feedback and well adressed our needs”