Project Name:

ADRA Netherlands ECF-Program

February to June 2023

Madagascar, Pakistan, Nepal
ADRA Netherlands
Service Category:
Programme Evaluation
Technical area:
The Challenge

ADRA Netherlands implements the ADRA ECF programme through partners in Madagascar, Pakistan and Nepal. The evaluation aimed to assess the impact, achievement and progress in relevance and effectiveness of the ADRA ECF’s objective of reducing poverty in sponsored children’s lives in the targeted countries. The evaluation study examined the various activities and processes within the programme’s implementation framework and recommended improvement.

FIFE’s contribution

  • Thematic evaluation: analysing the broader themes of education, poverty reduction and livelihood improvement
  • Impact approach: demonstrating the factors that promote or hinder the implementation  from the ECF programme’s perspective
  • Programme evaluation: identifying the performances of the EFC programme components
  • Right-based analysis: considering children’s rights as a major factor of the study
  • OECED-DAC (Impact, Relevance, Effectiveness, and Sustainability) criteria: observing the progress and results of the project concerning the set objectives
  • Data collection: using quantitative methods to collect data from parents of current recipients, the teachers and the past beneficiaries and conducting qualitative key informant interviews with head teachers, school board members, and programme coordinators.