Over the years, FIFE  has built the expertise to help you evaluate your program and project for process, performance, and impact. Do you want to determine how best to measure outputs and outcomes? Or do you need to identify the reasons for current levels of performance and impact? Our team of experts can help design and implement your evaluation to ascertain how best your program or organization achieved expectations.

We design and implement both formative (process) and summative (outcome) evaluations at the project, program, portfolio, and organization levels of analysis for organisations in the development and humanitarian aid sector across the globe. We can also help you determine the extent to which an evaluation of your project, program, portfolio, or organization is feasible or necessary. All our evaluations are aimed towards learning.

At FIFE, Evaluation is not about policing or judging; it is about improving interventions through documentation and learning!

Our program and project evaluation consulting includes the following aspects of your upcoming or ongoing evaluation:

| Feasibility study || Mid-term Evaluation  || End-term Evaluation

Feasibility Study

  • Do you need a sound basis for developing and perfecting your project concept, by identifying project prerequisites, opportunities, and risks?
  • Do you need to understand in-depth the viability of your proposed intervention (project/programme)?

We can design and conduct feasibility studies that provide guidance for the conceptual design of your project; with respect to sustainability, the different target groups or stakeholders for the development of monitoring structures.

FIFE’s evaluation team can help you determine the extent to which your planned project, program, or organization policy is prepared for the investment of resources it takes to design and implement.

Mid-Term Evaluation

  • Do you need to assess the progress and achievements of your programme or project against your stated targets with a focus on strengthening and informing the remaining period of the program?
  • Do you want to understand how and how well your project adapted its design and implementation of activities in light of unexpected happenings (e.g.COVID-19 pandemic), and the degree to which  your activities achieved their desired effects, in particular what approaches can be taken as the project progresses;
  • Do you seek to test and reflect on the assumptions and the continuing relevance of your Theory of Change for the remainder of your project and provide recommendations for any amendments?

At FIFE we conduct independent, rigorous evaluation research that will provide a clear picture of the project’s progress, and provide recommendations for strengthening and sustaining positive outcomes and identify areas where re-alignment is necessary.

End-Term Evaluation

  • Do seek to assess the implementation process and impact of your programme or project?
  • Do you aim to provide feedback to donors, and partners on achievements, the intervention logic and indicators?
  • Do you intend to capitalise on lessons learnt on the appropriateness of your implementation, and need advise on future programming?

Our evaluation team designs and implements evaluations that can

  • detect the real changes in the field and analyse the changes attributable to your intervention;
  • verify and explain achieved results;
  • identify and judge unexpected results;
  • assess the sustainability of your intervention’s benefits;
  • assess the adaptability of acquired experiences or approaches to future programming.

Our evaluation design and implementation adapts participatory methods and reflections that can enable all your implementing partners conduct internal reviews.