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New Publication!

Online teaching and learning at Friedensau Adventist University

Online teaching and learning formed part of measures taken by FAU in response to the restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Germany and the world at large. For many institutions, the question of what to do with this “re-discovery” of virtual classes/meetings in post-covid19 is high on the agenda. Before any weighty decision is made about online teaching and learning, activities need to be assessed. Such a strategic perspective informs the present report. As an academic institution, Friedensau Adventist University (FAU) switched to an online medium of instruction in the early phase of the Covid19 pandemic. The University successfully offered about 80% of its classes online. As a result, disruption in studies at FAU was minimal in the face of a nation-wide lockdown in Germany. The report will highlight efforts and activities that ensured the successful implementation of the OTL at FAU. The purpose of this internal and independent study was to provide Friedensau Adventist University, partners, and donors with an independent assessment of OTL at the University. This evaluation identifies areas of strength and weakness in the implementation of the OTL to assist in shaping online education in Friedensau, identify future priorities, and increase the effectiveness in current and future OTL.  Overall, the evaluation helps to determine the degree at which OTL has achieved its intended outcomes. It also examined the effects that OTL has or is likely to have on lecturers and students. However, it was not the purpose of this evaluation to assess the individual performance of lecturers and module contents of OTL.

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