Samples of work

Social Protection and Poverty Reduction – Haiti

Integrated rural development programme – Tanzania

Food security projects – Mongolia

Earthquake emergency relief and development projects – Haiti

Child-care centre projects – Moldova

Foster homes for vulnerable children (Restavek)  – Haiti

Statelessness reduction and community sensitisation project – Thailand

Earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation projects – India

School qualification projects for the rehabilitation of child labourers  – India

Integration projects for refugees – Germany

Humanitarian aid to refugees – Greece

How we work

FIFE exists to support organizations to maximize the impacts of their interventions. We passionately work with our clients to ensure quality evaluations and project/program planning and management and equip them with modern MEAL systems and technical supports for short to long term successes.

We use scientific-based analysis for pre-project implementation research, evaluations, and capacity development and training. Our offers are tailored-made to meet your needs and best industry standards using state of the art research models and frameworks.

We maintain a long and trusted relationship with our clients while offering the best of services for efficiency, innovation, and uniqueness in the client’s operations and activities.

We are specialized in respective fields with qualifications spanning across climate and environmental sustainability, food security, poverty, WASH, human rights & gender, migration, project management, capacity training, auditing, and many more.

Our worldwide network team of experts places us in a unique position at meeting the needs of our clients.

To fulfill each task, we draw from a pool of professional networks of affiliate consultants and researchers, including alumni from the MAISS study program, and cooperates with academics and researchers in Friedensau.

Our service delivery model



Local consultants for evaluations


Remote data collection tools


Meeting European standards and research ethics


Client centred projects

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